Decent Advice On How To Do Math Homework Without A Calculator

For various reasons you might find that you need to do some math homework without actually using a calculator. The following should give you some idea of what you can do you find yourself stuck in without one. Of course, some equations will be virtually impossible to do without calculator, although there will be some advice about that as well.

Using mental arithmetic for easy equations

With the use of technology today, young people are more frequently getting used to not using the brains to work out sums. However, if you have some relatively easy equations to work out, and you can do so using mental arithmetic, then you don’t necessarily need to worry about my account. It might take a little bit longer, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Using a pen and paper for more complex sums

If you think so as to complex to work out in your head, then maybe wish to try without using a pen and paper. Using the location and division, as well as other mathematical devices, you can work out most sums using the pen and paper a little bit of brainpower.

Looking for mathematical tricks and hints to help simplify difficult looking sums

You might find that there are some mathematical tricks and hints that will help you to quickly and easily work out seemingly difficult sums. For example, it is relatively easy to work out 50 squared: it simply five squared times 10 times 10. Most people will be up to work out that five squared equals 25, whilst 10 multiplied by 10 is 100; therefore, 25 multiplied by 100 equals 2500. Now, supposing you need to work out 47 multiplied by 53, and that these numbers are three higher or lower than 50, and an easy way to work this amount is to look at 50 squared, which we know is 2500, then minus three squared, which equals nine, and this gives us the answer 2491.

Alternatives to physical calculators if you really need something to help you

Of course if you don’t have an actual calculator, these days you will be able to use phones, apps, software on your computer, or even high-powered calculators on the Internet.

Showing your work in if no other alternatives are available

Finally, if you really can’t work sums out that you have no access to any other calculators than if you can at least show your work in - even if you can’t arrive at the final figure - then you can at least demonstrate you know what to do, even if you don’t have the capability to finish the answer.

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