Main Advantage Of Homework – Why You Should Do It Right Now

Homework isn't quite a favorite word for students, especially children. Of course, they take it as a burden, often as a punishment. But homework has always left a positive impact on studies.

  1. Daily Revision
  2.  Homework ensures that students are in continuous touch with what is taught in school and can have a proper revision for a better retention.

  3. Evaluation
  4. Homework gives an opportunity for the teachers to evaluate how well the student has been able to grasp a concept taught in class.

  5. Daily Practice
  6. 'The more you practice what you know, the more you know what to practice.' The most important part of a child's learning lies in practice. Practice ensures perfection and a better understanding of what is being taught. Students can be encouraged to practice more with homework.

  7. Supervision
  8. It helps not only the teachers, but also the parents of the child to keep an eye on the student's regular progress. It helps them to form a proper schedule and a lesson plan according to the requirements of the child.

  9. Keeping the child away from distractions
  10. Children tend to get distracted easily. Often, they are noticed to spend hours, glued to the television or engaging in futile and unproductive activities. Homework can be a way to keep them away from these distractions and help them in concentrating more on their studies.

  11. Time Management
  12. Homework helps to the students to have an idea about time management and its importance. It aids during exams.

  13. Self-Evaluation
  14. Homework not only helps the teachers and the parents to get an idea regarding a child's progress but also helps the child himself in assessing his own abilities- strengths and drawbacks.

  15. Independence of the Child
  16. In school, the students are working under the guidance and control of teachers- homework allows them to work independently and test themselves.

  17. Cultivation of the brain
  18. The more a child works independently, the more will he be able to mature his brain. This helps the child in the long run.

  19. Solve Problems quickly
  20. Daily practice and exercise helps the child to attain pace while solving any problem related to any subject. 


Homework, irrespective of how much a child condemns it, is a part and parcel of daily lessons and studies. It should be made compulsory for all, though; personal capability of the child should be kept in mind. A child must find time for play as well for a proper enhancement of the mind and spirit.

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